Brands by Cannabiniers

Two Roots Brewing Co. is a pioneer in the artisan fusion of cannabis and beer. At Two Roots Brewing, we’ve combined a passion for all things craft with science, innovation, and social responsibility to create a new class of adult beverages poised to change the beer and cannabis markets.
Available in a 6-pack bag with 10 fl. oz. cans.
Beer Styles: Lager, Blonde, Wheat, Stout, New West IPA.

Just Society Cold Brew Beverages elevate the simple essence of coffee and tea, to a curated brewed beverage, which delivers a delicate and refreshing taste. The smooth, clean finish of Just Society Cold Brew Beverages, transports you to a world of cannabis infused refreshment.
Available in a 6-pack bag with 10 fl. oz. cans.
Raspberry, Mango and Lemon Black Tea.
Honey and Mint Green Tea.
BASK Extended Wellness is a line of hemp-derived CBD creams.
Brewbudz is a line of high quality coffees and teas that are delivered in a patented 100% compostable single-serve brew pod. Through a patented flower extraction technology, Brewbudz offers consumers strain specific coffees and teas that are natural, healthy and sustainable.Available in a 100% compostable brew pod.
Basis, is a state of the art vaporizer line that offers both a disposable and refillable vape pen option. Convenient, Compact, and Consistent, the Basis product line is perfect for any social environment or personal use, whether you are the everyday user, weekend warrior or first time consumer.Available options: disposable pen or refillable pen